Dance Til You Can’t Anymore!

We had our second mission morning today with the Garfield Community Farm and Open Hand Ministries. We switched sites today, so the group that was at the house on Wednesday went to the farm today and vice versa. The group at the farm pulled weeds, sifted through compost, fed Clifford the rabbit, moved wood chips, and pulled and hung garlic to dry out. The group at the house helped move a family that Open Hand works with from their apartment to another one and weeded the back yard at the house.

After our mission morning we took time to just relax and then the scholars went on an awesome scavenger hunt! They had to take videos and pictures of various things or of them doing various things around the Seminary’s campus. They had lots of fun with it and were very creative! After the scavenger hunt we had small groups early.


We then had pizza, that Tom our cook, made and watched The Avengers. A lot of the scholars fell asleep during the movie. The RA’s had to wake up the scholars to get them to come down to the awesome dance! We had such a great time at the dance! Everybody was sweating so much by the end, but we all enjoyed just being sweaty together and singing all the songs and dancing like total fools! :)

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